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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Standard Deviation Arms in the Media

Matt and Steve from Standard Deviation Arms get mentioned in Walt in PA's weekly video blog as he interviews the members of the Angrypig Shooting Team. They discuss their competition pistol match experiences, practice routines and training regiments after the Burt Schaffer Memorial IDPA match at Ontelaunee Rod and Gun.

We appreciate the shout out!

Stay tuned for another Intermediate Competition Pistol class that is currently forming. We expect to have it scheduled for some time at the end of June. If you are an IDPA or USPSA shooter with some match experience but looking to get to the next level, let us know, there are still openings in the class.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

VA/MD Section Match progress report

Ever shoot a match and have a great time and then see the results and realize you did everything about four seconds too slow? Yep...

I'll add a bit more later but right now it's time to relax after a fun and slightly soggy weekend.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Did I forget anything??

It's almost 10pm on May 16th, which means I'll be leaving for Fredericksburg, Virginia to attend the USPSA VA/MD section match in just about 12 hours.  I always feel a little nervous at this point before matches. Not because of match nerves, but because I always feel like I'm forgetting something.

Below is my packing list for this match. The truth is, it really shouldn't be that much different from packing for a weekend  match, but it feels like it is. Obviously I have to pack an overnight back, and will bring my laptop so I can insult people on the internet all the way up until the minute the match starts, but other than that, it's the same.

Did I forget anything?

Rain gear
Cold gear Under Armor
travel bag: 

Shoes, extra shoes, extra socks,

shorts and pants


laptop, charger, phone charger
ammo (duh)
spare pistol
Holster belt
SIRT pistol

reader suggestions:
bathing suit for pre-match part
BEER (how the hell did I forget?)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New IDPA Rulebook Rant

The title of this post was a bit misleading because I wasn't really planning on ranting about the new rules, just going over them and talking about them, but within the first two minutes of my scan of the book I already have to call out the Tiger Teams.

Why in the word would you make one of the most important gunhandling rules even more relaxed? I'm talking about having your finger in the trigger guard when it doesn't belong there...read this crap

S5.1.  The first occurrence of improper finger placement will be a warning with the “Finger” command given.  The second occurrence in a single match will result in a Procedural Error.  The third occurrence in a single match will result in a Failure To Do Right (FTDR) penalty.  Disqualification from the match will result from subsequent occurrences. 

That is unbelievable to me.

Moving on, another interesting thing to note is that ALMOST crossing a muzzle safe point (but not actually crossing it, which is a match DQ) now results in a warning, followed by an FTDR.

Next on the list of odd, stupid or potentially dangerous new rules is S14.

When a shooter is about to run into a barricade, potentially trip or fall, or do something unsafe, the SO will physically intervene when possible, to prevent a potential accident.  Because the SO kept the shooter from having a safety issue due to a shooter’s error, there is no reshoot. 

If a shooter is about to eat dirt, the best thing that can happen is for the shooter to keep his finger outside of the trigger guard, and to continue to eat dirt. If an SO grabs his arm, shirt, or otherwise it could cause all sorts of other problems. Forget that noise.

Speed round! (Quick things I noticed that I will post here but won't really talk much about)
No shots on scenario stages further than 25 yards, 6 shots only at 35 yards maximum for standards stages. Sissies.

Sanity has prevailed and it is no longer legal to require someone to load an empty magazine from lose rounds during a stage.

SSP guns now have a max weight of 43 ounces. Will we see more CZ Shadows now?

Match bumps now count as your classification requirement for the year.

No staged long guns allowed anymore

Holsters and pouches now must be behind the hip bone, not behind the centerline of the body

They made the classifier times significantly lower in SSP, and rounded the numbers off in the other classes.

and finally...

The words "round dumping" do not appear anywhere in the rulebook.