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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Super Area 8 USPSA Tactical Championship Match Recap

First of all let me start with this....F that place and the ancient burial ground it's built on!  I think everyone on our squad had gun issues of some sort.  AJ dumped his primary after the first stage and went to a backup gun and I had mag issues all day Sunday.  I also broke a trigger spring somehow between firing my last shot on the final stage of Saturday and walking to the safe table to bag my gun.  Good timing!!  I pulled the spring out of my spare G35 and everything was good to go. Ben had a major issue on the second to last stage and wasn't able to continue the match which sucks because he was on pace to win.  An open shooter on our squad had a jam while running past a target which lead to him getting DQ'd. Not good.

Anyway, on to the match...technically, this was not a super difficult match. Most of the targets were inside of 15 yards and did not have overly difficult presentations. That being said, the stages were going to be fast, so you had to push as hard as you could to get a good time and still land good hits. I was able to do that on most of the stages but did have a couple of bad ones.  The highlights of my weekend were the last two stages we shot Saturday.  In the video they are the stages with the double swinger and the clamshell target, and the stage that you had to start with the gun and mags staged on barrels. I took 5th on both of these stages and beat Bob Vogel then Dave Sevigny on one then the other.  That doesn't tend to happen very often for anyone so yes I'm dropping their names here! (Dave went on to win the match so I'm sure he won't be too upset some jerk from Philly beat him once).

Lessons to be learned from this match:
-Don't wait until the last minute to sort your gear (I thought I had fixed my jam issues with new mag springs but apparently not)
-Check your ammo more often (I can't remember the last time I checked the OAL or crimp settings on my press)
-Don't travel with AJ anymore. A few little blood stains found on the pullout couch and he will leave you with the entire hotel bill and sleep somewhere else.  Thanks a lot Hampton Inn. Clean your shit!
-I'm still pulling off targets early.  I ate two easy mikes for no reason transitioning off of targets too fast. This is something I specifically work on but continue to do when the timer is running.