Sunday, July 21, 2013

Being Happy

On most match days if you ask me if I'm having fun my answer will be "I'll tell you once the results come out".  I guess that's not a very positive attitude to have, but I really like the competitive aspect of shooting. If they didn't keep score I'd definitely find another hobby.  I also realize this puts a lot of unneeded stress on myself and can make me look like a grump bastard on the range.  Today at the SCCSA USPSA match I had major gun problems, and it was hovering around 90 degrees but I did manage to have fun.  Maybe I'm turning a corner and learning to relax a little bit and not base my entire weekend on how well I do at the shooting match I'm currently attending.

Today I had a terrible day starting on the second stage where I tanked the classifier due to a double feed, then continued to have feeding issues for the next few stages until I borrowed a spare mag from a friend. At least I'm pretty sure at this point that my problem is with the mag springs. I was pretty relaxed about it and once I figured out what the issue was I was just happy to know I could fix it before the Area 8 match on August 10th.

Maybe it's just my new purple fiber optic insert in my front sight that kept my spirits high all day? It's hard to say.

update: Results are out and I ended up taking 2nd place in Limited. The winner is unclassified in Limited but is a Production Master so I'm happy with that.


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