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Sunday, April 12, 2015

First 2015 Training Class recap

Super-Tactical.com will be hosting competition pistol training classes lead by their two Grand Master instructors April 26th at New Holland and May 9th at Ontelaunee. There are still slots available for the May 9th class, email training@super-tactical.com for more info.

The first Super-Tactical.com training class of 2015, lead by Matt Olinchak and AJ Stuart on April 11th at Ontealaunee Rod and Gun club was a major success.  The students all worked hard and we had great weather. We started with the fundamentals of grip and stance, sight picture and trigger press. We then moved into draws, reloads, transitions, shooting on the move, and more. We ended the class with some runs on a small stage where the students were able to put together everything they learned for the day.

We were also able to give away some training materials in the form of some Ben Stoeger books to two students who won the challenges we put them through. Congrats to Ben and Ryan for winning the books.

Here are some reviews seen on social media from our students regarding their class experience

Just got home from taking a class today with Super-Tactical.com.

From my perspective A.j. Stuart and Matt Olinchak are very complimentary to each other as instructors. AJ has a technical eye to spot inefficiencies in technique and Matt is cerebral with stage design and break down. I took away 3 significant things to work on. Some may think these are small matters but know this - in USPSA it is the small things that make the biggest difference. Foundation is a word that gets thrown around but if you really study the game and in this instance technique I find the more I learn the more I realize how much more I need to learn. My 3 things are placement of strong hand thumb during reload, standards stance and shooting on the move. So I highly recommend it before they get big and start charging 2x more. So thanks guys, I had a great day.


Great USPSA shooting class taught by Matt Olinchak and A.j. Stuart today. I had fun and learned a lot. Looking forward to practicing!


The most useful thing I took away was a better (smarter) way to practice.
There are a lot of simple things I can be doing that will make a big difference.