Monday, April 15, 2013

39 matches to Master

I started writing this post on March 18th, as I was sitting here trying to figure out my shooting schedule for the rest of the month, and being disappointed that the weather caused two match cancellations this weekend.
For some reason I found myself on my USPSA classification page and was looking at my old scores. I noticed that I really didn't start seriously competing until 2011 and that I've only shot 39 matches USPSA matches in my "career" (I guess it is slightly more than that because I've shot two or so matches that didn't have a classifier, and therefore won't show up on this page).  Below is the breakdown, by year, of my match participation.

1 in 04
2 in 05
2 in 08
1 in 09
3 in 2010
16 in 2011
13 in 2012
1 in 2013

What does this mean? What it means to me is that once I started to actually put time into this sport, my results changed pretty quickly.  I started out shooting IDPA in 2003 and have shot a lot of IDPA matches. It wasn't until 2011 that I finally "broke through" and made Expert. Shortly after that, I shot my first sanctioned IDPA match in a long while (the January 2011 Arctic Blast) and managed to place DFL in my class. That match was definitely an eye opener and part of what made me really decide to improve.

Yes, you must DECIDE that you are going to progress in this sport in order to actually do it. You can't just shoot your local match every month and wish for good results, you have to put in the time. For a while I had just been casually shooting matches, mostly IDPA and without any sort of training or practice regimen. In 2011 that all changed. I decided to up my dryfire practice and join a range, and actually put in real practice.  The truth is, I still don't practice nearly enough, but when I do I go out with a goal, and a few small drills to run through. I never go out to just punch holes in paper anymore.

Classifications (updated 4/14/2013):
OPENClass: UPct: 0.00High Pct: 0.00
LIMITEDClass: MPct: 86.76High Pct: 86.76    BOOM!
LIMITED10Class: APct: 72.07High Pct: 78.88
PRODUCTIONClass: APct: 71.18High Pct: 73.29
REVOLVERClass: UPct: 0.00High Pct: 0.00
SINGLESTACKClass: UPct: 0.00High Pct: 0.00


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