Sunday, April 28, 2013

Time to get my shit in gear

With the VA/MD match barely three weeks away, I'm not really happy with my shooting and really need to step up my game. Maybe it's all mental, but I have this feeling that I'll go to this level 2 match as my second match since making Master and will get my butt kicked.  I guess that's a defeatist attitude but I was really feeling on my game at the Eastern Shore Practice Shooters month USPSA match in Maryland this month.

The good news is I have those three weeks to really hit the dryfire and live fire practice and square my gear issues away. I also have a good idea of what I want to work on in live fire in order to get dialed in before VA/MD. I need to work on visual patience and not transitioning off close targets too fast (the first target I shoot from the second position in the below video had one A and one miss on it, which is a terrible and unacceptable level of shitty shooting) and recoil control after shooting a lot of 3 gun practice with weak ammo and letting my grip get weak.  More later...


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