Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Super-Tactical.com Drill of the Week #1 "Three Way"

Today marks the first release of our new weekly Drill of the Week series.  In this series,  USPSA Grandmasters AJ Stuart and Matt Olinchak will show both live fire and dry fire drills that can be used to build skills, reinforce fundamentals, or enlighten you in other areas.

Today's drill, called Three Way, includes a simple three target setup with two vision barriers.  The point of this drill is to shoot it in three different ways in order to determine what would be the best strategy to take if this was part of a stage at an actual match.  Sometimes our own thoughts can cloud the truth and the best way to objectively analyze a situation like this is,  of course,  with a timer.

When I first put this drill on the ground a few months ago at a practice session and prior to running this scenario on the clock, I was fairly sure that posting up in the center of the array, and shooting everything from left to right would give the best stage time.  It seemed it would be easier to move aggressively to the designated spot and then set up a good stable platform to be able to shoot the targets quickly while stationary.  We can see in the video that this theory was proven wrong every single time by both AJ and me.

Hopefully you can see from the video that this type of practice scenario can really help to open your eyes to trying different techniques.  Next week,  we will work on a more specific shooting on the move drill that will help not only with technique, but will also help show when and when not to try shooting on the move in a match situation.

I hope you enjoy the video and learned at least a little something.  See you next week.


For anyone with issues with the embedded video you can go here http://youtu.be/W_gTE4Vg50w


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