Sunday, December 29, 2013

IDPA is too easy? (match bump discussion)

I came across this interesting tidbit on a forum recently that kind of confirms my thoughts on the subject of match bumps.  I've bumped to Master in two divisions and haven't shot an actual Master classifier score in a scored classifier I guess I've benefited as much as anyone, but what he says makes sense.   Does the system balance itself out due to newcomers to the sport or are we all going to become Masters in every division eventually?  If the answer is yes, is that good or bad for the sport? Should it be changed?

Food for thought re: the independent  IDPA match bump & Classifier classification systems. The system's basic attribute - two independent promotion paths - leads to some interesting outcomes.

Start with 100 Marksmen in any Division. Have them do nothing - no practice, no skill improvement, no equipment change, etc. - but shoot against one another in successive Major matches.

After the 8th match, the system produces it's first MA. After the 33rd match, MAs are the majority. After the 49th match, the system literally locks up and 73% of the participants have been promoted to MA.


  1. I've always said, if your winning score would win, place or show in the next higher class, automatic promotion.