Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And now for something completely different


I sent my Glock 22 slide to Mark Housel at L&M Precision last week, he received it on Thursday, and today I have it back in hand. His turn around time was amazing and his work is perfect. The sight looks like it came mounted that way from the factory.

Machining of the slide to accept the sight makes for MUCH quicker dot acquision when coming out of the holster. I shot the gun earlier in the month at SJIDPA(see match video below) using the mount that fits in the standard Glock dovetail and it was tough at times to find the dot, being that it was so abnormally above where you usually look for your sights to appear.

Now most of my USPSA Open division rig is built. I'm still waiting on a threaded barrel and compensator from KKM, but for now I will shoot it as shown in the photo.  First match is going to be Saturday at Eastern Shore Practical Shooters in Sudlersville, MD.

I don't think I will shoot a ton of matches in Open, but I will be carrying this slide on my chopped g22 that takes g27 mags. I really like this setup.


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