Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fire up the excuse machine

Today Steve and I shot at Eastern Shore Practical Shooters USPSA match in Sudlersville, MD. I shot my new Open division build, a Glock 22, with Trijicon dual illuminated RMR.  The match was fun, and we had a good time as we always do at this club. Stages were broken down and results printed out (hooray for electronic scoring) by before 2PM.
I finished 4th in Open, 96% of the Open division winner, and something like 92% of the match winner...a GM who was shooting an 8 round gun. That crap is embarrassing.  There's no reason I couldn't have won this match, and if I didn't drop the two mikes that I did today I would have.

What I learned during this match was
1- trigger control needs work
1a- yes the trigger on this rig is gritty and creepy for some reason, but excuses are like assholes...
2- half assed Open division builds are not ideal
2a- see 1a
3- need to work on trigger control
4- my practice regimen in the off season has kept me from getting rusty while shooting, but I forgot how to break down a USPSA stage, sort of.
5- need more dry fire practice
6- For some reason I aim low on the target with the dot sight. Had a few targets with good center hits, but 2 inches below the A zone
7- Practice will fix #6


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