Saturday, March 2, 2013

Early season review:

With a few matches under my belt, and the full USPSA season on the horizon it's time to reflect a little bit. I've been keeping the below match log on my PC and recently converted it into a Google doc so I could more easily share it here.  So far this year I've shot 4 matches, and all of them went well except for the most recent 3 gun match where I had a bunch of gun issues.  I'm pretty happy with my performances so far but I can see that my focus on shooting super good points all of last year has taken some of the aggressiveness out of my runs. I need to keep my tempo up, while still maintaining good sight pictures for every shot. This is something I can work on in dry fire, and also hit at the practice range, although I don't get much time for that these days.  One thing that has been huge has been really hitting the dry fire practice hard, and working on running stages while working on lowering my par times. I like running short classifiers because I can set them up in the garage and also know what a "good" score is going to be. This was huge for the March USPSA match where I was able to finally make Master in Limited division.


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