Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Goals

So here we are, two matches into 2013, and I'm trying to work on my new years resolution.  There's an IDPA forum thread that I replied to where I set a pretty aggressive goal in response to the whole new years resolution question: Win every local match I go to.  Thinking back, I'm not sure if that was an overly arrogant statement to make, or actually a valid objective to strive for this year.  I definitely think it's possible, especially if I keep up the same improvement pace I've been seeing for the past two seasons, but is this a valid goal? Should I target something more quantifiable, like make M class in USPSA?  To be honest, I'm hoping a couple of new guys I haven't seen anywhere start showing up to local matches and kicking my butt. I know when I started shooting and training with AJ that my skills had to improve pretty quickly in order to keep up. I think we both need someone else to try and catch up to to break the plateau and achieve the final level.

How about you?  What are your goals?  Attend more matches? Attend your FIRST match (I want to hear from these people!) Move up in classification? Win your division at a major?  Let's hear it.


  1. I feel winning every local match is a great goal, better than trying to shoot down zero for a match and finishing third in marksman like dave baier. Me, I'm not shooting any majors this year. Major goal for the season is to win Steel League, and improve my shooting in USPSA

  2. I'm not doing any majors this year either, other than the 3 man 3 gun and maybe FNH. I should do Area 8 though since it's relatively close but I'm not sure.

  3. Last year my goal for USPSA was to make B Class in Production and shoot an average 90%+ of the available stage points. I came up short on both goals. I actually started to slide backwards on my Classifier Percentage. I think that was a result of trying to force a B Class score because of how close I was. In regards to points, I ended the season with an average of 86%. While I didn't meet my goal, it did have a tremendous impact on my shooting and how I placed in the results (as compared to the season prior).

    This year I'm pushing for those same goals. If I stop trying to force B class and instead focus on shooting 90%+, the class bump will come.

    In IDPA the goal was to have penalties make up less than 10% of my time. The results so far have been discouraging. I'm not even remotely close to being on track (I'm averaging 17% right now with the last two matches being 36% and 17%). I seem to take the biggest hit on 20+ yard targets. I know I have the ability to shoot them with no points down, I just don't think about it at the time and rush the shots.

    I need to spend some time and get to the point where I can confidently call my shots.

  4. You just have to tell yourself to see every A zone on every shot. It might slow you down in the beginning, but especially in IDPA, it's worth it.