Monday, January 21, 2013

Sharing Knowledge (part 2)

This weekend I had the pleasure of teaching a competition pistol shooting class with my co-instructor Steve Lockwood of Standard Deviation Arms for the members of the Angry Pig Shooting Team.  Steve has been teaching shooting for over 5 years, starting with his time in the Marines and now in the civilian world.  I have been shooting competitively for 9 years and have worked one on one with a few different shooters, but this was my first foray into teaching a group training session.  Steve has been great to bounce ideas off of and our   philosophies gel well together.

This great group of guys from the Angry Pig Shooting Team were eager and ready to learn.  The course started at about 930 with setting up the range, followed by student and instructor introductions and some discussion on the mental aspect of the game.  We moved into dryfire training, and worked on grip, draw and presentation to the target, smooth trigger press and other important fundamentals.  Following that, we jumped right into some advanced movement techniques, shooting around barricades, etc, with the goal being to be able to cut down on time getting into and out of positions as much as possible. This is a great way to lower your overall stage times and something you can work on in dryfire at home.

The live fire session focused on transitions between easy and difficult shots, changing tempos, calling your shots and decreasing target transition times.  Each shooter showed improvement during each of the drills and I look forward to seeing each of their progress throughout the year and into the future.  I think each shooter also walked away with an idea of what they need to work on, and more importantly, how they can work on it in order to achieve their goals.

Jake and Kerry tied for the win on the walkback drill. Both were able to ding the 8 inch mini target from about 40 yards before they threw a miss.  Congrats to both of them, you win an internet fist bump from Steve and I.

For additional training opportunities, to ask a question, or just talk shooting, email me.

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