Thursday, May 16, 2013

Did I forget anything??

It's almost 10pm on May 16th, which means I'll be leaving for Fredericksburg, Virginia to attend the USPSA VA/MD section match in just about 12 hours.  I always feel a little nervous at this point before matches. Not because of match nerves, but because I always feel like I'm forgetting something.

Below is my packing list for this match. The truth is, it really shouldn't be that much different from packing for a weekend  match, but it feels like it is. Obviously I have to pack an overnight back, and will bring my laptop so I can insult people on the internet all the way up until the minute the match starts, but other than that, it's the same.

Did I forget anything?

Rain gear
Cold gear Under Armor
travel bag: 

Shoes, extra shoes, extra socks,

shorts and pants


laptop, charger, phone charger
ammo (duh)
spare pistol
Holster belt
SIRT pistol

reader suggestions:
bathing suit for pre-match part
BEER (how the hell did I forget?)


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