Monday, April 22, 2013

Colt 3 Man 3 Gun - Topton 2013

This Sunday Team, in association with Standard Deviation Arms and Team Timmay! shot the first match in the 2013 Colt 3 Man 3 Gun series in Topton, Pennsylvania.  We had another great time at this match and really showed a lot of improvement over last year which was our first ever major 3 gun match and only my second 3 gun match ever.

The stages were varied and consisted of relays and "rolling thunder" type stages. The relays involved all three shooters shooting two or three guns, one at a time, and tagging the other team member when done. The rolling thunder stages had all three shooters shooting various guns, simultaneously at different target types.  One stage even required the pistol shooter to shoot two poppers, which in turn launched two flying clay birds that the shotgun shooter had to hit mid-air.  The only long range rifle stage required two standing and unsupported hits on a steel IPSC A/C zone target, followed by five hits on some six inch plates using a barricade for support, followed by four required hits on an array of six inch Colt speed plates that were partially obscured by steel hard cover. All of these shots were from 200 yards. We all managed to get our hits on what shouldn't be an overly difficult stage, but every year people seem to struggle majorly on this stage. Last year we ran into the time limit and took nearly two minutes in penalties for targets we were not able to hit on this stage.

As in many three gun matches, the scoring was simple; two hits anywhere on a paper target and it was considered "hit".  This means going as fast as possible while still keeping your shots on paper, but there was a massive 10 second penalty for any missed shots.  These penalties caught all three team members at some point during the day, both on mid-range rifle head shots and pistol shots.

The results will be posted later tonight and I think we had a pretty strong match overall, and once again learned what we have to hit on the practice range in order to do well in the second half of this match, which will be held at the Peacemaker Training facility in West Virginia.

One last thing...make sure your cleared pistol is firmly on the table before you let go of it in order to transition to the rifle. I almost had an embarrassing moment and a potential DQ on the last stage of the match. Check it out from two different angles in the below video.

All POV video recorded with Pivothead video recording eyewear. Check them out here 
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