Monday, April 29, 2013

"Buidling" your competition Glock

I got a request from a youtube subscriber to do a review/setup video about my USPSA Limited Glock 24. I decided I'd do a break down of all of my competition Glocks.

We are also going to start taking requests for any gear or technique questions you guys have for USPSA, 3 Gun or IDPA.  We also are planning some other fun and informative videos coming soon.

Check out the first video below.

This is my first video blog entry so be nice. Or not. Constructive feedback is appreciated.

Slide machine work done by Jerry M at Jers Guns. Contact me for his info (I don't want to post his email address openly on the net and spam him to death)
Refinishing by Norton Gunworks
Sights and magwell by Dawson Precision.
Vanek Super trigger by Vanek Custom
JP mag release button
Lonewolf connectors
Trijicon RMR sight

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